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The inspiration for Auriane’s designs has always been the art of sculpting an accessory from the highest quality fabrics and embellishments. Years of experience culminates in the perfect headband shapes offering unparalleled comfort.

Your North Star Dome Huggies CZ Diamonds

-50% Original price was: $125.Current price is: $63.

⟡ 925 Sterling Silver
⟡ 18K Gold Plating
⟡ ~12g weight
⟡ Protective e-coating
⟡ Hypoallergenic

Your North Star Collection and the concept of North Star goals can serve as powerful tools for personal growth and success. By wearing these symbols of guidance and direction, individuals can be reminded of the importance of setting and pursuing meaningful goals, and feel empowered to work towards achieving them with greater drive and determination.

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The North Star, also known as Polaris, is a star that is located almost directly above the Earth’s North Pole. It is called the North Star because it appears to be stationary in the sky while all the other stars appear to rotate around it, making it a useful navigational tool for travelers and sailors.The North Star has been used for navigation for centuries, particularly by sailors who could use it to determine their latitude and direction. It is also a significant symbol in many cultures and religions, representing guidance, constancy, and truth. In modern times, the North Star is still used for navigation, particularly in situations where GPS or other electronic navigation systems may be unavailable or unreliable. It is also a popular symbol in literature, art, and popular culture, often used to represent guidance, inspiration, and hope.

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1 review for Your North Star Dome Huggies CZ Diamonds

  1. Faridah (store manager)

    Love love love this

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