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The inspiration for Auriane’s designs has always been the art of sculpting an accessory from the highest quality fabrics and embellishments. Years of experience culminates in the perfect headband shapes offering unparalleled comfort.

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What you get

  • Free product vouchers
  • Exclusive discount code
  • 10% Commission for new brand ambassadors
  • Tiered Commission for high achievers
  • Regular features on our social platforms
  • Free products for content creation
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What we need

  • Love for Deema & Co. and its brand story
  • Passion for Content Creation
  • Positive Ambassador
  • Over 1K followers on IG and/or on TikTok
  • Aged over 16

“Dear Future D&CO Ambassadors,

As a community of resilient and empowered individuals who inspire and support one another, I want to express my gratitude in advance for joining me on this journey. I am excited to collaborate with you and look forward to our work together!”

Our Commitments

At Deema & Co., we firmly believe that creating jewellery should not compromise our values, communities, or planet. True sustainability is achieved by being transparent about our impact on the environment and people in our ecosystem.

We will strike a balance between using recycled and fairly mined materials that support communities dependent on the industry. As we continue to grow and expand our network globally, our ultimate goal is to implement full traceability in our supply chain, as it allows us to authenticate the material and enhance the social and environmental impact of our jewellery pieces.

our Promise

We want our jewellery to be top-notch, but not at the expense of the planet or our people. That's why we only use materials that are kind to both. We believe that high-quality materials are necessary for creating beautiful and long-lasting jewellery, but we also understand the importance of selecting materials with minimal environmental impact. Choosing eco-friendly jewellery is just how we roll, and it's a non-negotiable principle for us.

Beyond Gold and Jewellery

When you buy jewellery from us, you're not just treating yourself or a loved one - you're also contributing to a greater cause. We're proud to donate 8% of our profit to Destiny Rescue, an organization dedicated to ending human and child trafficking for sexual trades. Our goal is to support the rehabilitation of survivors and help build an empowerment fund for them. In additional, you may donate extra on top of your intended purchase at the checkout page.

our sustainability

Our production ecosystem is designed to make a positive impact on the environment, empower our partners, and support our communities. This includes everything from sourcing to manufacturing and branding. We take full responsibility for our materials, ensuring they are ethically sourced and processed under fair working conditions. We know that every step we take makes a difference, and we're committed to leaving a positive footprint.