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The inspiration for Auriane’s designs has always been the art of sculpting an accessory from the highest quality fabrics and embellishments. Years of experience culminates in the perfect headband shapes offering unparalleled comfort.

Egyptian Nemes Choker and Earring Set


⟡ 316 Stainless Steel PVD Plating
⟡ 18K Gold Plating
⟡ <4g weight for earrings and 16g for choker
⟡ 42.5cm extender
⟡ Tarnish Free, Water Safe Jewellery
⟡ Hypoallergenic

Step into the ancient Egypt with our Egyptian Nemes Choker and Earring Set. Inspired by the regal elegance of the ‘nemes,’ the striped headcloth worn by pharaohs, this set captures the essence of royalty and sophistication. Adorn yourself in the captivating charm of the Nemes Choker, echoing the grandeur of a bygone era. Paired with exquisite earrings, this set pays homage to the rich tapestry of Egyptian history, where the ‘kalasiris’ or cape-like garment adorned shoulders and chests, symbolizing style and power. Embrace the spirit of queens and pharaohs, celebrating the beauty of ancient Egypt in every elegant detail.

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