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The inspiration for Auriane’s designs has always been the art of sculpting an accessory from the highest quality fabrics and embellishments. Years of experience culminates in the perfect headband shapes offering unparalleled comfort.

Dasha Beaded Heart Choker and Bracelet Set


⟡ 316 Stainless Steel PVD Plating
⟡ 18K Gold Plating
⟡ <12g weight for bracelet, 33g for necklace
⟡ 38.5cm + 5cm extender necklace
⟡ Tarnish Free, Water Safe Jewellery
⟡ Hypoallergenic

*Gift with purchase*

Love Story 1: Adoration by Shy & Curious TM
Without realizing it, she loved to pepper conversations with his name.

“Will and I had the most amazing meal last weekend…”
“Holland Hill? I think Will has a friend who lives there.”
“That’s so funny! That reminds me when Will…”

Will. Will. Will. Will.

His name fell from her lips like a broken string of pearls – white orbs scattering as they slip from her tongue, and bounce off the floor and rolled away echoing through the hallway. The irony was that she didn’t even like his name at first. Will? How pedestrian. William sounded so much better. But as time passed, his name became a prayer to her. The airy, breathy sound expelled through her pursed lips calmed her like a meditative chant.

Will. Inhale. Will. Exhale. Will. Inhale. Will. Exhale.

Like rosary beads, she’ll count in time with each ‘Will’ uttered and fall deeper and deeper in love. He was definitely a Will. Just Will. Her Will.

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